Dr. Pat Harris

Dr. Pat Harris, PhD, MSc., DFAstrolS, FAPAI


Welcome and thank you for visiting my web site and for your interest in my work and research. As a practising consultant astrologer, one of the questions I am asked most often by my clients is “When will I have children?” (The most popular one is “When will I get married?”). Astrology can help to provide answers that can calm our worries about the future of the issues that most greatly concern us. I have many cases on my client files, going back thirty years, of women who had the children they longed for, in the years when astrology indicated that they would. My research has helped me to understand more about this link between astrology and successful pregnancies for both natural and assisted conception. I use this knowledge to help clients improve their chances of having a baby by timing conception attempts when the astrological factors I discovered in my research favour a successful outcome. I have had an enduring interest in the relationship between astrology and various aspects of our lives – particularly through my work concerning researching the possible links between astrology and fertility. I am also interested in stress, anxiety and depression in relation to fertility treatment outcome and their relevance to astrology. By this I mean, how astrology can help manage these areas in an effort to reduce the levels and, theoretically, give women undergoing treatment a better chance of success, as well as using astrology for timing.


Michael Dooley an NHS Consultant Gynaecologist and a Fellow of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, knows Dr. Harris’s research well. He says: “I believe Dr. Harris’s research to be worthy of further investigation. I am impressed with the efforts she is making to create a sound evidence base for her practice.” Mr. Dooley is a UK fertility treatment specialist who considers a number of different approaches to managing the fertility treatment process. He is the author of several books, among them: Fit for Fertility and Your Change, Your Choice: The integrated approach to looking and feeling good through the Menopause – and beyond.  Website:: www.mdooley.co.uk 

Robert Currey DF.Astrol.S. BSc.(Hons), Cert.ACG.Int. (Certified Astrocartographer, and founder of The Astrology Shop says: “Dr. Harris is one of the foremost empirical astrologers in the field of research into the link between astrology and fertility.” Robert Currey is also the founder of the internationally respected astrological company, Equinox and has been a consultant astrologer, writer and teacher for over thirty years. He specialises in research and programming. He has followed Dr. Harris’s research during the last decade and considers her to be the world leader in the field of research into the link between astrology and fertility. Websites: www.astrology.co.uk  ww.equinoxastrology.com  www.astrocartography.co.uk 


Testimonial from Martha

Marta wrote to me to tell me the very happy news:

“Good afternoon Pat, I wanted to introduce you to Eric born in late 2017.
Needless to say that we are over the moon & incredibly grateful!

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Testimonial from Melissa

“The support and insight I received from Pat was invaluable in many ways.

Finding her and reading about her work already gave me hope and having a consultation with her completely transformed my state of mind. Then, getting an idea of my fertility windows for the next three years was really insightful. I can say that Pat’s approach was very beneficial psychologically and emotionally for me and that she truly helped me calm my stress and anxiety ,,,,,,.”

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February 2016

A second astro-fertility baby for Sarah!  (see Case study Sarah and Kiran).   Sarah, now in her early forties, wrote saying “You have been amazingly accurate”.  Her second child, an IVF baby, arrived, like her first, under the fertility astrology indicators, shown by Dr. Harris’s research, to increase likelihood of successful outcome resulting in the birth of a baby.  (January 2016).

January 2016

The BBC reports: “UK scientists have been given the go-ahead by the fertility regulator to genetically modify human embryos. It is the first time a country has considered the DNA-altering technique in embryos and approved it. The research will take place at the Francis Crick Institute in London and aims to provide a deeper understanding of the earliest moments of human life. It will be illegal for the scientists to implant the modified embryos into a woman. But the field is attracting controversy over concerns it is opening the door to designer – or GM – babies. DNA is the blueprint of life – the instructions for building the human body. Gene editing allows the precise manipulation of DNA.” Read the full report at:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-35459054 In October 2015, the UK becomes the first country to license ground breaking mitochondrial donation techniques which will allow women who carry the risk of serious mitochondrial disease to avoid passing it onto their children.  (HFEA www.hfea.gov.uk/fertility-treatment-facts.html).

Age and fertility My research has shown that timing fertility treatment to personal astrological date indicators can increase likelihood of successful outcome and that this is still the case regardless of age for women up to the age of 44 – the oldest participant in my study. I began using my research to help women in 2006 and it has been of help to women older than 44 – in one case, a client who was in her very late forties conceived naturally with a successful outcome when astrological date indicators, at time of conception, suggested this would happen. Claire Harding, in a co-authored article, writes “In the US, 6% of married women aged 15 – 44 have issues getting pregnant and this has resulted in more women than ever seeking fertility treatment. In addition, in the UK, recent figures indicate that almost 50,000 women go through it once a year.” Find out more about this considered piece – see my links page under “Age and Fertility”.

Tesimonial from a client – Sarah

Sarah felt that the consultation and support provided by Dr. Harris were extremely helpful during a very anxious time in her life: “Dr. Harris gave both myself and my husband a lot of faith and confidence ……she has been without doubt the one person who has been so accurate in her readings, in fact the only one. I have been so pleased with the way that Dr. Harris conducted her readings and how she gave me hope when I really needed it.”


Can astrology bring you a baby?

University based research says so, based on Dr. Harris’s study carried out at three UK fertility clinics (two NHS and 1 private) between 2002 and 2005

My research shows that there is evidence indicating that, whether you are attempting natural conception or conception through IVF or other forms of ART, timing your attempts to coincide with my researched astro-fertility dates will increase your chances of a successful outcome. The astrological patterns that locate these dates are unique to each woman and do not rely upon the lunar fertility cycle. Welcome to astrologyfertility.com, founded by Dr. Pat A. Harris, PhD., MSc., DFAstrolS. There are different approaches to managing issues with fertility. Astrology is one of the more intriguing options, as Dr. Harris’ research has shown. Her research findings can help you increase the likelihood of successful conception. She has nearly thirty years’ experience as a consultant astrologer (having recieved her diploma from the Faculty of Astrological Studies, London, UK in 1982) and can provide help, advice and support, if you are trying to have a family. Dr. Harris’s research provides answers to questions like these:

  • Can you really get pregnant by the stars?
  • Does it work for all women?
  • Can astrology help you conceive naturally?
  • Can astrology help you conceive using fertility treatment?

Dr. Harris is the leading researcher and practitioner in astrology and fertility in the UK, offering a service to help you time your conception attempts with astrological factors that can increase the likelihood of your success. Since Dr. Harris carried out her astro-fertility research between 2000 and 2003,sheI has looked at further cases and refined her understanding of how timing fertility treatment may boost a woman’s chances of successfully becoming pregnant and giving birth to a live baby. In her original research, success was potentially increased by up to 14%. With her further research, this has increased to 23% and she continuse to look at the data from new clients, all the time. Her research does not just support the link between IVF, it also supports a link between other forms of fertility treatment such as GIFT, ZIFT, ICSI, FET, IUI and DI But it is not all about succeeding. Her training and qualifications in both health psychology and astrology have helped her to develop an approach that can help with the development of coping strategies to manage the stress and handle the tensions through the whole arduous treatment process, whatever the outcome. Her research has shown that anxiety and depression can be relieved by an understanding and use of astrology and she has certainly found this to be true in her consultant practice. Tthe continuing support that she provides, following on from a consultation with her can be extremely helpful and reassuring regardless of the outcome of a treatment process. Her research to date has identified astrological factors that can increase your likelihood of successful conception through assisted reproductive technology by as much as 23%.  Dr. Harris’s astrological approach, based on her research, has the potential to reduce the number of fertility treatment attempts necessary to succeed. This would also reduce the amount of stress and discomfort that women have to endure with each treatment they undertake.

Freedom to choose

Women should be free to choose the time at which they undergo fertility treatment. They need to be able to decide what month, for example, they would like to start a particular treatment process. For practical reasons, this is often not the case, although some UK consultants will consider a degree of co-operation where timing is concerned. Dr. Harris’s research clearly indicates that choosing a particular time for embryo implantation can optimise chances of success so timing it right an important consideration when you choose to take the fertility treatment route.

Counselling and support

Dr Harris is trained in and has practised counselling, with astrology, for more than fifteen years. She can offer help and support to women going through the fertility treatment process and those hoping to become pregnant in the normal way, including coping with the emotional challenges and pressures that women experience when trying to become pregnant.

Conceiving with astrology

Over thAstrologyFertility.come past twenty five years, many of Dr. Harris’s female clients have asked her when they would have children. Using the astrological knowledge on which she eventually based her PhD research, Dr Harris was able to pinpoint the years when, as the astrological indicators showed, their children were eventually born. It worked so well for women without any fertility problems that Dr. Harris was determined to carry out her research to see if it would help, i.e., make a difference to those women who were having difficulty conceiving in the normal way and undergoing fertility treatment, and it did.

Her UK university based research with fertility clinic patients has shown which astrological factors are associated with successful conception.. As a result of this research, she can provide guidance and advice on how to use her unique astrological approach to increase your chances of having a baby. Her methods are based on her scientific research carried out for her doctorate in astrology and health psychology at the University of Southampton, UK between 2001 and 2005.