Testimonial from Melissa

I contacted Pat after experiencing 5 consecutive miscarriages and being diagnosed with ‘unexplained secondary infertility’. I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t able to conceive successfully a second baby when I had got pregnant so easily the first time and had such a straight forward pregnancy with my son.

After having done many tests and being told that nothing was ‘wrong’  neither with me or my husband, I started feeling powerless, isolated and deeply worried about my chances of ever having a second successful pregnancy and healthy baby. Not knowing what to change, work on and  ‘fix’ was extremely distressing for someone like me who had always felt a deep inner strength and energy to find solutions and ways to reach my goals.

The support and insight I received from Pat was invaluable in many ways. Finding her and reading about her work already gave me hope and having a consultation with her completely transformed my state of mind.

First, I was very impressed with the level of details and clarity of the report she sent me prior to our Skype consultation. I was able to read through it and have a fruitful and insightful conversation with her the following day.

Then, getting an idea of my fertility windows for the next three years was really insightful. Knowing my ‘stressful months’ also made me feel more ready for any potential tense periods coming my way. But even more than that, I can say that Pat’s approach was very beneficial psychologically and emotionally for me and that she truly helped me calm my stress and anxiety.

She highlighted determinant health indicators – patterns & deficiencies – that I could completely identify with and she suggested practical and concrete ways to overcome them. Not only did it help me feel hopeful again but it encouraged me to let go of my pursuit of what I saw as an ‘objective’, by accepting the situation, feeling gratefulness for what I have already – a husband and a son who I love so deeply –  and realising that there was ‘time and space for everything I want to do’.

Finally, thanks to her warm approach, professionalism and the continued support she is offering, I feel I am not alone on this journey and if I have any questions, I know she will be there genuinely caring and guiding me.

I would totally recommend a consultation with Pat for anyone who feel there is something more to their fertility journey: couples who are ready to explore other potential causes of their struggle, develop coping strategies for possible stressful times and make the most of their fertility windows.


*my client’s name has been changed to protect her anonymity