Conceived naturally while awaiting IVF

The notes below have been taken from my case files with permission from my clients.

Joanna and Jack

Joanna’s baby son, JackJoanna contacted me, initially, to ask about astrology and fertility and to see if it would be better to undergo an IVF cycle timing it to good astrology fertility windows or whether it would be better to wait and to try naturally. She had already experienced two miscarriages and one failed IVF cycle. None of my researched factors were present for any of these three events.

She arranged a telephone consultation to discuss her astrological birth chart and also future astro-fertility windows. She found the consultation to be “a very interesting and positive experience” and the advice given on managing anxiety and stress issues was very helpful to her.

She contacted me, again, for further advice on choosing available dates for IVF according to astro-fertility dates in her forecast but while waiting to undergo IVF she became pregnant, naturally, within a traditional astrology fertility window and very close to one that my research showed significantly increased successful conception resulting in the birth of a baby. She said:” I thought you would be interested to know that I’m pregnant. (naturally).Very happy indeed. .It’s early days but now 7 weeks. This conception doesn’t actually fall on your predicted dates as such (only a month out though) but I have written down that you predicted ‘a time of increased responsibility involving children’ to occur at the very end of December-beginning of Jan 2012 and this is when the baby is due.”

Because of my continuing research and continuing discoveries, I wrote to Joanna to ask about the date of conception and she was able to provide me with a very close approximate date that I then checked out for more finely tuned indicators within much smaller windows that my research has shown are important to consider, also, and I did find that one of these indicators was active at this time over a three to four day astro-fertility phase.

Later, in her pregnancy, Joanna wrote to me, again, for further advice on relaxation techniques in order to cope with some slightly disturbing and stressful occurrences and, again, the advice was helpful to her: “Just wanted to say a very big thank you for your last email. There’s lots of very useful information there for me to work on and I like the water themed relaxation techniques and suggestion of a water birth possibility – I’m sure that could suit me very well. I had another scan on Monday and all is well and we heard the baby’s heart beat which was really great.”

Jack duly arrived at the end of year to the great joy of his parents. Joanna wrote to me:
”Just a quick message to let you know that our beautiful baby boy, Jack, arrived safe and sound, weighing in at nearly eight pounds!!. He’s wonderful and so lovely and well worth the wait. The birth was as natural as can be despite being in hospital and mainly I breathed through it all with hypno-birthing techniques, homeopathic remedies etc and just a bit of gas and air at one stage (well one must give it a go…!)

We’re very much enjoying our little one despite lack of sleep at present!”