Testimonials to Dr. Harris’ Research

Michael Dooley
an NHS Consultant Gynaecologist and a Fellow of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, knows Dr. Harris’s research well. He says: “I believe Dr. Harris’s research to be worthy of further investigation. I am impressed with the efforts she is making to create a sound evidence base for her practice.” Mr. Dooley is a UK fertility treatment specialist who considers a number of different approaches to managing the fertility treatment process. He is the author of several books, among them:
Fit for Fertility 
Your Change, Your Choice: The integrated approach to looking and feeling good through the Menopause – and beyond
Website:: www.mdooley.co.uk 




Robert Currey
DF.Astrol.S. BSc.(Hons), Cert.ACG.Int. (Certified Astrocartographer, and founder of The Astrology Shop says:
“Dr. Harris is one of the foremost empirical astrologers in the field of research into the link between astrology and fertility.”
Robert Currey is also the founder of the internationally respected astrological company, Equinox and has been a consultant astrologer, writer and teacher for over thirty years. He specialises in research and programming. He has followed Dr. Harris’s research during the last decade and considers her to be the world leader in the field of research into the link between astrology and fertility.