Conceived after undergoing fertility treatment

The notes below have been taken from my case files, and the accompanying images have been included with permission from my clients.

Paula was 36 years old when she underwent a successful course of IVF resulting in the birth of her daughter. She had been trying to conceive naturally for two and a half years before seeking help through her GP. The consultation led to treatment for a number of reproductive problems before commencing fertility treatment. It began with an operation for an ectopic pregnancy where one of her fallopian tubes had to be removed and it was discovered that the other was damaged and blocked. Eventually, after further tests she had another operation to straighten out the remaining tube but that this technique would make the tube viable only for, at the most, a year as scarring and adhesions would then cause it to block again. If she had not conceived during this time, she would need IVF.

She was unable to achieve natural conception during that time, and so she then began her attempts with IVF – she had four IVF treatments over two and a half years resulting in one abandoned and eight actual embryo implants – where the last implant resulted in the birth of her daughter

The astrology:

None of the planetary contacts that my research indicates are associated with successful treatment outcome were present for the one abandoned and the six embryo implants leading up to Paula’s eighth successful, attempt. At this attempt, the two planets most strongly associated with fertility had teamed up in Paula’s 5th house of children indicating very strongly, from an astrological point of view, that this was a very good time to attempt to start her family.

There was one time dependent factor that was present during two of the failed attempts. A time dependent factor is an astrological contact that depends upon the accuracy of the time of birth. If Paula’s birth time was about three minutes later than the time she gave, the window of time during which the contact point was active would have shifted to later in the year and occurred when the successful attempt was made. This successful attempt had the Venus Jupiter contact that signified birth of children and was not a time dependent contact so was not acutely sensitive to potential small inaccuracies in the time of birth. A few minutes of time would not make a significant difference to this planetary contact window of time when it was active in any year.

She made two further IVF attempts to conceive another child through IVF in the two years following her daughter’s second birthday but did not succeed with either attempt.

The astrology:

There were no astrological factors that my research had indicated were associated with successful conception and birth present during these years.