Pat Harris, PhD, MSc., DFAstrolS, FAPAI

Dr. HarrisI have put together a few pages to give you a bit of background on myself in my fields of astrology and psychology. My research is ongoing. If you would like to be part of my research project, please feel free to contact me .

As a practising consultant astrologer, one of the questions I am asked most often by my clients is “When will I have children?” (The most popular one is “When will I get married?”). Astrology can help to provide answers that can calm our worries about the future of the issues that most greatly concern us.

I have many cases on my client files, going back thirty years, of women who had the children they longed for, in the years when astrology indicated that they would. My research has helped me to understand more about this link between astrology and successful pregnancies for both natural and assisted conception. I use this knowledge to help clients improve their chances of having a baby by timing conception attempts when the astrological factors I discovered in my research favour a successful outcome.

I have had an enduring interest in the relationship between astrology and various aspects of our lives – particularly through my work concerning researching the possible links between astrology and fertility.

I am also interested in stress, anxiety and depression in relation to fertility treatment outcome and their relevance to astrology. By this I mean, how astrology can help manage these areas in an effort to reduce the levels and, theoretically, give women undergoing treatment a better chance of success, as well as using astrology for timing.