Your Personal Astro-Fertility consultation

Astrology can be used in different ways to help you on your journey through the fertility treatment process. I use it in these website pages to discuss how:

  • Astrological dates can be used to increase your chances of succeeding in having a baby
  • Information and links to other websites with additional information can help you further
  • Information on help and support from me and from other sources can be identified and located.

There are a number of ways that astrology can help you to manage your situation: some are medical and some psychological. Looking at your astrological birth chart with my professional analysis can help you address your fears and anxieties and give you back a feeling and sense of control if you are in the fertility treatment process.

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What happens in a personal consultation?

Using your time, date and place of birth, I will create an astrological birth map for you, showing you where all the planets were when you were born. I can then uses this chart to find out what are the best times for you to choose to have fertility treatment such as GIFT, ZIFT, IVF, ICSI, FET, DI and IUI in order to increase your likelihood of succeeding. The same factors can also be used if you are hoping to conceive without any kind of assisted conception technique.


Increased levels of stress are associated with increased risk of failed treatment outcome so in your consultation with me, we can discuss any fears and anxieties that you might have surrounding the treatment process and the issues of having children. We can do this to help you understand better what your fertility stress triggers are, and the issues that make you particularly anxious, and then how to manage them. Research has shown that stress in the form of anxiety and feelings of depression are associated with negative treatment outcome so, reducing stress levels would also help you optimise your chances of succeeding in your attempts to have a child of your own.

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Using astrology to manage anxiety issues around the treatment process

Nearly all of the quotes, here, from women experiencing fertility treatment are concerned with the fear of a possible negative result and what might happen if the attempt fails. Astrology can help because it can address the problem of failure and, as my research shows in the Cosmic Babies section, reduce the likelihood of it. We can work together to use astrology to discover and recognise your own personal strengths to manage your fears with the ultimate objective of reducing and even removing them.

Comments from women who took part in my research, relating to what made them most anxious about the fertility treatemtn process are shown below. If you are embarking on fertility treatment, they will probably strike a familiar chord within you.

“Waiting to find out how many embryos have been created.”

“The uncertainty of waiting for the outcome”

“General anaesthetic for treatment.”

“Any long term effects the drugs may have and feeling a failure.”

“Waiting, at every stage of the process.”

“The thought of failure – again, and the heartache that follows.”

“Egg collection and the rules governing number of embryos to be implanted.”

“The failure rate – one out of every four attempts work. The money wasted.”

These quotes identify the issues in the whole process that caused the greatest anxiety for women embarking on this challenging journey. Raised anxiety levels are strongly linked to failure of treatment outcome. In my practice as a consultant and counselling astrologer for over 25 years, my clients have found that it can be very helpful in tackling worries and helping to reduce tension and stress, in general.