Testimonial from Martha

Another success for astrology and fertility:

Marta wrote to me to tell me the very happy news:

“Hi, Pat,
I wanted to introduce you to Eric born in late 2017.
Needless to say that we are over the moon & incredibly grateful!
We may decide to try for a third baby and we will definitely get in touch with you, again, if we do.”

Marta first contacted me in 2016. She had one child already but had experienced recurrent miscarriages when trying to have a second child.

We explored Marta’s astrological birth chart for insights into how to manage possible health issues and improve her reproductive health both psychology and physically. Marta found the astrological insights very helpful for understanding herself so she could manage her stress and anxiety triggers, and optimise her physical well being through appropriate diet and exercise during the time she was hoping to have another baby. She wrote:

“THANK YOU so much for your great insights, invaluable tips and continued support – thanks to you I felt truly open, hopeful and ready physically, emotionally and mentally for a second baby. Your help really made a difference and I truly believe that it had a big impact on our successful conception & the arrival of our baby boy.”