Conceived naturally while awaiting IVF

The notes below have been taken from my case files with permission from my clients.

Sarah and Kiran

Sarah first contacted me in the summer of 2009 for advice on key months and years for conception and childbirth. She wanted to know if she would conceive naturally or through some form of fertility treatment. If she was going to have fertility treatment she wanted to know if I could advise her what type of treatment that might be.

Sarah was 37 years old and had been happily married for over seven years but had no children because she didn’t feel a need to have them. She was very happy with her life, saying that she had a wonderful husband with whom she had a very peaceful relationship full of contentment. After seven years, her new urge to have children took her by surprise but she was very, very happy about it.

She underwent various tests to check her fertility health and was told that she was fine. Her only problem was that she suffered from heavy periods, which were painful, at times.

However, her husband suffered from low sperm morphology, which resulted in a reduced sperm count and motility and this lowered the chances of the couple conceiving naturally.

When Sarah contacted me she was waiting to see a private consultant the following month for results on final tests relating to remaining possible health issues such as Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) levels.

We talked about the psychology of her birth chart and also stressful health issues and ways in which she could manage them that might be helpful: discussing areas of tension and how to resolve them and techniques that helped achieve relaxation and balance for her in relation to her concerns about fertility and her ability to have children.

Sarah was considerably anxious about the future and felt that our discussions were very helpful to her: “You gave both myself and my husband a lot of faith and confidence ……you have been without doubt the one person who has been so accurate in your readings, in fact the only one. You also never said it would be IVF (and it hasn’t been). I have been so pleased with the way that you conducted your readings and how you gave me hope when I really needed it.”

Looking at the next five years, the year that seemed especially important, in terms of my researched astro-fertility indicators was 2011 with the autumn of 2010 also looking very favourable, generally. Sarah and her husband both had a gradual build of astrology in their astrological birth charts that indicated that a child would be conceived and born to them during this time. Naturallly, the fertility planets Venus and Jupiter figured very strongly, Venus particularly so around the time that Sarah became pregnant, successfully, in mid-September 2010. Their precious little boy, Kiran was born in June 2011. The year of 2011 is especially important to Sarah as a year for learning about mothering and being a mother but June was the month that was highlighted as the most important point within it. This whole time for Sarah was, astrologically, flagged up as a time of great transformation, great joy, increasing responsibilities and a time for expanding her home and family! For her husband, it was a time of wonderful miracles and, around the time that Sarah became pregnant with Kiran, a time of incredulity when things may have seemed unreal, but also a time great happiness.

Sarah had undergone fertility treatment during the previous year and had also suffered a miscarriage so the successful natural conception and birth of Kiran was a very joyful blessing!


*Update: 2nd February 2016.

Since this report, Sarah has had another child, Arun, born in early 2015.  Sarah has found the astro-fertility reports that she has received in the last five years together with supportive email correspondence when required, very insightful and encouraging in helping her to plan her family and realise her deepest hopes and wishes for expanding her family.  Sarah found the astrological descriptions of her children’s characters (even as young as they are) delightful in the way that the astrology seemed accurately to pinpoint their character traits.