Conceived without using any form of fertility treatment

The notes below have been taken from my case files, and the accompanying images have been included with permission from my clients.

An astrological solution to “unexplained infertility”?

Rachel was 35 years old when she conceived her first baby.

“We had been trying for three years without success and also had fertility investigations which indicated that there was nothing wrong. We fell into the category of “unexplained infertility”. Around the time we contacted Pat, we also decided to investigate IVF and had set up meetings to attend open days when I discovered I was pregnant.Rachel's baby Dawn
The pregnancy (after the initial morning sickness) went well and we delivered an eight-pound eight-ounce baby girl at 41 weeks (December 2009). She’s beautiful and we feel very blessed.”

The Astrology

During the three years when Rachel and her husband were trying to conceive none of my researched astro-fertility indicators were active in her natal chart.

Between the 8th and 22nd February 2009, An astro-fertility Jupiter contact took place. This was a contact that I have found is significantly associated with successful conception leading to the birth of a live baby. Rachel wrote: “My period was due on 22nd February and didn’t arrive. I’m guessing our daughter was conceived nearer to the 8th”, confirming that this 2 week fertility window covered the time when the successful conception took place.

Rachel gave her own birth time as 9 30 a.m. but had it been earlier, say 9 22 a.m., a further astro-fertility indicator covering a year-long window which included the two week Jupiter contact within it would also have been in place. She wrote to me to say: “My birth time could definitely be earlier than 9 30 a.m.: my mum said that was a guess ….” It is customary for midwives to round up or down to the nearest quarter, half or on the hour for a baby’s birth time unless the parents specifically request an exact time for the cutting of the cord, and this may, indeed, have been what happened with Rachel’s own recorded time of birth.