It can help and it can make a difference

Some, although not many, of the failed fertility treatments in my research had the astrological contacts present indicating that they should have succeeded. In some cases, these were attempts that were within a month or two of a successful attempt, which also came within the same window of time indicating likely success.

Other failed attempts that had astrology suggesting a success had only time dependent astrological indicators present. These are linked to the time of birth and if the time of birth is not exactly accurate, the time at which the window of opportunity begins and ends can slip by up to one year for as little as five minutes of time – i.e. an Ascendant Venus contact showing up in 2007 might actually be active in 2008, if the birth time is actually five minutes later than the time given. Birth time is usually taken as the time when the baby’s umbilical cord is cut, as this is the actual act of severance from the mother or placenta and the start of independent existence for the baby.

Also, there may yet be other astrological factors that my research, to date, has not identified. Because of this, my research is continually ongoing.

From a purely practical point of view, it is important to remember that astrology cannot reverse the effects of ageing and it cannot counteract irresolvable medical problems that remain a bar to fertility.

Importance of accuracy of birth time

Some of the case studies listed illustrate the possible difficulties in pinpointing fertile astrological windows when there is only a time sensitivie astrological factor present at time of treatment. A very small inaccuracy may mean that the margins of time allowed for the contact to be active may not always be exactly in line with what the model says. It is better, if possible, to find times when non-time sensitive astrological factors, i.e., planetary contacts, are also present in the chart rather than just contacts to the Ascendant and Midheaven to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome.

Astrology’s accuracy in predicting treatment outcome 

Having said all of this, in the first study, in my research, using the improved conditions, the astrology correctly identified 15 out of 16 babies (93.75%) and 75 out of 90 failures (83.33%).

Testing these new conditions on the second sample of fertility treatments in Study 2, the astrology corrected identify 4 out of 4 babies (100%) and 48 out of 51 failures (93.75%). p>

But the second sample is small in statistical terms and I continue to carry out further research on additional data to learn more about these results.