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Complementary Medicine

The Dove Clinic, Hampshire, UK offers fertility treatment both with patients undergoing IVF and patients who are having difficulty conceilving. Their approach is a combination of traditional Chinese medicine and nutritional medicine. They have had two recent patient cases (who were both unsuccessful with IVF), who got pregnant as a result of their trreatment programme. However, sometimes these treratment programmes can go on for two years or longer in order to produce the required result.
When working with IVF the success rate is in the order of 20% and the treatment that is offered at the Dove Clinic can generally double the IVF success rate. Click here for further information at


List of External Links

  • Gerad Kite
    Fertility and acupuncture – GeradKite
    “72% of patients who come to our clinic for fertility treatment achieve pregnancy that goes beyond the first trimester” Gerad Kite 2010
  • Some Inspiration Website
    Some Inspiration offers words, quotes, self-help articles, advice, tips, ideas, books, music and self-hypnosis products for helping people to become more inspired and successful in life.
  • College of Medicine
    College of Medicine.  Find out more about the College of Medicine’s new vision health care which seeks to bring patients, professionals and communities together to “create a caring and more sustainable health service” which promotes alternative and conventional approaches in medical practice.
  • Helen Hunt Shiatsu
    Helen Hunt.  This is a clinic for women of all ages and from all walks of life. Offering services for: gynaecological problems; general health issues; emotional struggles; Shiatsu for pregnancy, birth and the post-natal period; Preparation for Surgery Programme and for women who may want to relax, de-stress and unwind.
  • Skyscript
    Skyscript.  This is a great site for astrology. It has a good range of article and resource for astrologers of all levels of experience an interest.
    Micheal Dooley.  Specialist UK NHS consultant gynaecologist in the use of integrated medicine in the fertility treatment process.
    Homepage of the Human Fertilisation and Embryo Authority, UK.  Site provides information on fertility treatment clinics in the UK, statistics on success rates, advice and access to press releases on latest developments.
    Centre for Disease Control (CDC), USA: provides information, statistics and advice on fertility issues and availability of different treatments in the USA.
    Resolve: the National Infertility Association, USA
    Provides support and guidance with different aspects of treatment issues: e.g. information on medications used to treat infertility, information on different types of treatment, assisted reproductive techniques such as Intra-cytoplasmic injection (ICSI) and intra-uterine insemination (IUI), donor insemination (DI) and other matters
    Women’s health information: your guide to infertility treatment: guide to infertility treatment to help manage stress while undergoing infertility treatment. Gives advice on dealing with a wide range of emotional issues including sadness, anger, frustration and anxiety
    The website for Georgia Reproductive Specialists, an organisation in the USA. Site offers information and guidance on health care issues related to infertility and conditions associated with it.
    Resolve support groups, professionally led: two different types, providing support for couples experiencing fertility treatment from others with similar experiences/li>
    Support networks: fertility friends: provides an online support group facility where people who have undergone or who are experiencing fertility treatment can share their thoughts and experiences with each other.
    Can astrological patterns predict fertility? Dr. Rajesh K. Naz
    Paper on how Hindu (or Vedic) astrology may be used to assess the reproductive health of couples seeking fertility treatment (published in the journal Sexuality, Reproduction & Menopause, Vol. 4, Nol 1. May 2006 pp 33 – 37
    Infertility Network UK. Infertility Support from Infertility Network UK, providing infertility support, infertility advice, infertility information and infertility resources.

Age and Fertility

Astrology Schools

    The Mayo School of Astrology is one of the oldest and most prestigious astrology correspondence schools in the World. The school offers Certificate and Diploma courses with a broad syllabus which combines a variety of traditional and contemporary techniques.

Astrology Software

Astrology Sites of General Interest

    Dr. Pat Harris Astrology Fashion Site.
    Anne Whitaker – Writing from the Twelfth House” – an eclectic site set up to support, inform, inspire and entertain writers, readers and fellow astrologers!
    Astrology on the Web. A comprehensive website focusing on astrology and relationships, daily forecasts, articles and more.
    Irish Astrologer Bill Sheeran’s articles on astrology. Information on astrological consultations and astrology classes or courses in Dublin, Ireland.