Your experiences can help other women!

9I continue to work on my astrological model for identifying times in a woman’s life when she is likely to have children, with or without assisted reproductive techniques (such as Clomid and IVF).

The more data I am able to collect from women who have attempted to conceive, assisted or not, the more discoveries I will make about astrology and its relationshiop with pregnancy and birth. I will be able to add this valuable information to the bank of knowledge that I have built up to date and which has already been of great help to many of my clients.

If you would like to, you can help me to help others: your past fertility treatments, successful or not, can help me to refine my astrology fertility model further and so, be of greater help to women in the future.

If you want to be part of my ongoing reserach project, you can contact me with your time of birth (as accurate as possible, and the name of your source eg mother, birth certificate), date and place of birth (your data will be treated with total confidentiality) and details of your past treatments ie. dates of embryo implants and outcome, GIFT, ZIFT, FET, IUI, or attempts at conception, whether or not they succeeded.

You can reach me directly at and I will reply to you, personally, by return.

Dr Pat A. Harris