Here are some examples taken from my case files, of women who conceived and gave birth under astrological fertile indicators. It’s very interesting to note that these mothers would be classified as “old” (i.e., 34 years of age and over) when they first became pregnant, and they are mothers who succeeded at the first attempt.

Case Histories

My research includes examination of the relationship between age, astrology and fertility, showing that there was no significant difference for astrology associated with conception of children when the age of the mother was considered. That is to say, astrology appears to be a significant factor in increasing likelihood of conception whether you are under 34 or 35 and up, as far as the age of 47.

Again, when reading these stories it is important to remember that my research suggests that astrology can increase a woman’s chances of successfully conceiving a child, but cannot guarantee success.

My case histories include personal accounts from women who conceived naturally (i.e. without fertility treatment) and from women who conceived after undergoing fertility treatment.

The technical term “progressed moon” is used in some parts of the astrology accounts. This is a term that describes how the position of the moon is calculated in a particular year of life relative to the year in which the person was born.