Conceived without using any form of fertility treatment

The notes below have been taken from my case files, and the accompanying images have been included with permission from my clients.

Beverley first contacted me by email on 30 October 2008 to ask about my research into astrology and successful conception. She had miscarried twice earlier in the year: and wanted to know about astro-fertility factors in her life over the next few months that might provide some guidance on when she might conceive and go on to have a successful pregnancy resulting in the birth of a baby.

Beverley was 42 years old so was concerned about ensuring that her next pregnancy would beHattie Jane at 3 weekssuccessful.

“My predicted dates for ovulation assuming my cycles are a regular length (very rarely I have a shorter cycle which would throw out subsequent dates) are:28th November 25th December 22nd January 17th February 16th March 12th April

She gave me her birth data noting that: “My birth time is 12 noon – although I suspect this is not accurate as my mother wasn’t conscious – my [astrologer friend] and I have speculated that the actual time might actually be after midday.”

On 3rd Nov 2008, using her given birth time of 12 noon as a basis for my calculations, I wrote the following in reply to Beverley:

I have now been able to look at the dates you have given me and check out the astrology for those dates according to my research.

We are considering what I am calling the Jupiter factor, here, which is Jupiter’s various contacts to your chart points that my research indicates are associated with increased likelihood of successful conception and birth.

You have a Jupiter contact from 21 Nov to 5 Dec 2008 so 28th November looks hopeful. However, it involves your Ascendant (point on the horizon calculated from your time and place of birth) so the margin may move about depending on the accuracy of your actual birth time.

[In fact, when an adjusted birth time of 12 05 p.m. was used the window moved from the days between 21 Nov to 5 Dec 2008, re-calculating on the 12 05 p.m. birth time, as 5th to 19th December 2008.] 

On 12th January, 2009, Beverley emailed me the following note:

“I thought I’d update you re progress on the work you did for me re fertility and conception late last year.

I have just found out that I am pregnant! This has come as a bit of a surprise as on Friday 9th last week I tested for pregnancy as I was due to have a wisdom tooth extracted that day – the test came up negative so I went ahead with the hospital appointment. However on Sunday I felt quite odd and my period had not begun so I run another test thinking it was likely to be the general anaesthetic having an influence so not really expecting anything… and then it turned out to be positive – I ended up running three different brands of test as I was just so surprised!

[The adjusted birth time of 12 05 p.m. gives an astro-fertility window between 5th and 19th December which covered the dates when production of her luteinising hormone occurred – the hormone necessary to the process for releasing mature eggs from the ovaries, so the window coincided with own bio-fertility cycle].

We kept in touch over the next few months and Beverley wrote the following email to me on 14th October 2009

“At last five minutes to update you!

Well, I had the baby on Sunday 4th October with her arriving at 7.54 pm (and 30 seconds) having gone into labour at 5pm on the Saturday.

The baby turned out to be a whopper – 9lb 4oz – and due to her position was never going to make it out without a c- section. In the end though all turned out well despite a fairly lengthy period on the operating table, gazing with my husband, David at our new daughter.

So Hattie Jane arrived, somewhat larger than expected and with more drama than hoped for, on 4th October 2009 taking her first breath at 7.54pm and 30 seconds. “

[No doubt about the time of birth of this wonderful new cosmic baby!]